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VOl 23-5-2 (GT)

Purge with the undead
The immortal Witch burned the Habitat of Darfur so they could invade it.
While they destroyed the habitat, they are getting in the way of the undead.
 According to the information obtained,the undead is scattered and they expect to meet the witch in a week.
Grade: A
Reward: A Witch's Magic spell or the choice of what to do next with the undead legion.
Quest restrictions: Undead
B is canyon of the target user group quests that occurred!
Wideuna user or, in the immortality of the Corps granted Tier Quest headed to where I was wondering
'Outrageous compensation might lead to?
Immortal in legions of the undead Unique wish to get even!
'Bar-Khan from the forbidden magic or black magic to summon the undead to be learn ...
Necromancer to summon undead spell, the higher the items, such as half-Hawk can be summoned at any time, and hoped unique undead.
"Qwest's higher than the level of difficulty from here all seem to be cooperation,"
Necromancer of the canyon expedition leader jyaneul got a guy that voted with their representatives.
Necromancer as much as four days since I've decided that you can access.
"Leave it to me is kind of a big one, I'll do my best"
"Joan said, too relieved to have to do to lead"
"Plans include, first, from the time seems to be to decide"
While waiting in vain without sending jyanyina ohtem, herian, gosyuga some scouting for the user to take them to the habitat of bone Visiting Darfur has not.
The user stories side by Capua deulegedo, they help each other as much as possible until the day was designed to make upgrades.
A lot of people get together to make greener goals to lead the undead legions of the habitat plan is to attack!
'Reconnaissance even larger share because I'm just some crazy!
There will be simple, but that was the plan.
Weed also heard the decision at a later time, but particularly the 10,001 carping corner was not operational.
Until then, you being diligent hunting without a break.
'Are they too high-level user groups to better care of ourselves'
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
Forests or mountains, and a family of monsters continues to increase breeding, if we eventually came down to the village to rape and pillage, or worse, will incorporate security.
Mora pretty far away from other monsters of the mountains and forests were infested areas.
Mora users of other parties are sometimes used to come packed with hunting, but it still did not make a deep gotkkajineun.
High-level adventurers to the party if they somehow treasures and fame, gain experience across a dungeon exploration is concerned with getting better.
From the day the monster hit that unbelievable.
Sometime Over time, pieces of life and lose their native culture to create a monster or a new race was settled.
Bingryonggwa Wyvern, Phoenix, and other pieces of life, many people will be launched to hunt.
"He's the delicious"
Savagery eating monsters.
"Give a lot of money"
Similar to the money since I said no.
"We will survive"
Has to keep track of an unusually safe.
Ahreupen imperial past when the continent was a piece of life respectively.
Prosperity had not longer disappearing.
A piece of history with those creatures in their own lives to protect the growing strength will be spent.
Trackback piece of emotional life and to share each other when the snow looks good geuminyiui Wyvern they found different from the past.
"Golgol golgol. I'm back! "
Bingryonggwa phoenix, Wyvern Rover ride to a place where they were geuminyiga.
Bobby came over his face before wasamyiga cheered.
Was thought that it was lost again in my life to remember,
Hug geuminyineun he was delighted with Wyvern.
"Wi bundle, good to see you again. Golgolgol "
Just remember that for Weed cheokhaetdeon stops for loss.
"Geuminyiui eye has changed,"
Eyes than in the past a little bit larger. And the eyelids had been up to.
"Because the fort was built on the ledge, climb the undead but they alone will be around the damage will be undone"
Weed as a special body to save him deonjyeotdeon
Geuminyiege gave was rewarded.
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
Advance team and Chief, the habitat of blue bone jyangwa I went spies have returned the other Necromancers.
"This is not an easy quest.
Darfur is not the goal of a common habitat is the kingdom "
Great goal from the champions of Darfur and the guards, wizards, shamans say they are keeping the fort.
Provided that if the benefits of undead bodies, local populations can be considered infinite.
"The ability to deal with the undead in the side are a little bit. This lack of intelligence, I'm not sure my original undead could Plants are not gonna be anyone "
Then climb the cliff fell off in pieces, let's revive a hard day, nor nabeo, the problem arises again from the beginning to climb.
Complete siege of the fort beolyeoseo Necromancer Quest that must be taken!
"They seem to be impossible at present what seems to be looking the other way"
They held a meeting Necromancer jyangwa seriously. 
Weed was still a do this at a time without leaving.
'Moderately, others only as a side!'
If you see nothing extraordinary skills leave a lot of annoying things.
"I was lucky"
"I usually summon undead spell Corpse Explosion skilled Donna, cursing and ordered development of the magic only ..."
"I'm fighting hard to the forefront? Does not. It's really about a lot of undead geodeuneun side. Riders have a strong drink or damage, even if seen, would gather hwalyakman of the undead? "
Even if the eye had seen the truth, keeps his weak Seems if not properly recognized law jugiran difficult.
Necromancer Death Knight, as they are honest Weed may seem great, because they are summoned undead place is able to work thought.
Deliberately to take advantage of humility, like the cake Weed!
Necromancer of the debate lasted.
"Magical attacks and can we bring down the fort?"
"Attack the people in the state of black magic spell or not you?"
"If that much help in a big fight was hard to be the more dominant ikhisin black magic if you do not?"
"Breached the walls of the fortress collapsed or not so magic ..."
We can use the black magic was the Necromancer job.
Black magic spells to learn that a very large time penalty.
Get a lot of bad faith, as well as falls to the floor.
This has a negative reputation and integrity are
Lose some of the wisdom and knowledge were also.
The process of practicing black magic spell, unlike other was a unique aspect.
Sacrifice of live animals or black magic to enhance the reputation and plummet to the next step up the sack stats are.
Necromancer summons the undead just because many have side effects, attack from a black magic was hard to find a learned user.
"We did learn black magic to Step 2 ..."
In every single save, and close to all the materials, the siege weapons that will not work.
Necromancer knows black magic and 43 cases, 12.
It also helps strengthen a simple black magic because of the undead placed learn.
However, by using combat directly from the level of impact that would have had only two people.
"So as more of the undead seems to be to try to drag the fight"
"Go over there and provocation to open the gates of the blue goal, maybe you'd pounce"
"If I do, a lot happened with me ... Once we set a time to gather the most frequently attacked Necromancer let's go "
12 no to Weed just decided to stay.
Siege weapons production hoist the skills of a blacksmith, but now it is so useful, not just the yard.
Necromancer is the number of small, but that the undead can be said to have dealt with siege weapons.
Low intelligence, instinct, relying on the skeleton and did not have much use is beyond the battle.
Dyurahaneun head is not in place, you go to hand the aim of siege weapons is impossible.
Death Knight is useful if you have a degree of intelligence, but, by command of the undead into battle mojaratda begin to.
In addition, the siege weapons in all aspects, from creating a move we have a problem.
Necromancer is able to be their fatal flaw is due to the lack of decent protection magical spell siege weapons were vulnerable to attack.
Handle to protect the engineers and the means of attack, but if you do not have manahan.
Siege is three times more than the original attack of the side arms and downs, was fighting the battle.
Hi, here's what I haven't finished. So, anyways, bye for real. But, in any case, after reading the ones that I did in 9th grade, I only have shame for them. Most of them, I feel shame for. So, tally ho, I encourage others to redo these, because these chapters are awful lol.
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The Legendary Moonlight Schulptor [Vol 23-5-1]

= Death Knight in the Canyon=

Weed had hunted over 45 monsters. Ghosts didn't usually ride down the Canyon with a sword. It was a free ticket to death!

"Who's the death knight?"

"We have no idea who he is. He chose to fight rather than summon undead while we fought up here. Does anyone know who he is? "

"I've also seen him at Skapua. Just by staring at monsters, they were engulfed in fear."

"Ah! That death knight "

People at the end of the canyon had a breathtaking view of the battle. They marveled at the motions of Weed. His sword swung freely from his finger tips to destroy his enemies. A lot of his skills that came from the death knight's job were very useful. With the help of his speed and force, his attack power rose exponentially. He could change up the pace of each attack and differentiate the force behind each strike.

Never the less, using a sword on a horse instead of wielding a sword on the ground was very difficult compared to casting magic. They were in a canyon rather than plains, so the rocks tended to get in the way. They had to hold perfect balance in the body and destroy the monsters coming rather than letting them pull them off.

"How does he fight like that?"

"It looks like he is completely blind when he fights. I can't believe it. "

"The combination of skills and his control is crazy. Is this even real?"

Horses were always helpful, but not in every aspect. Every successful attack, the horse would speed up. If pushed hard enough, anyone could fall off the horse. If the armor fails, shock might come because of confusion or paralysis, and falling off could be even easier. To fight on horseback as a necromancer, you had to be really weird.

Bar street was a formidable Monster. It was as big as a bear, aggressive and could be beyond level 350.It required incomparable battle instinct to destroy the monster. Even parties had difficulty eliminating it, so they always had a way to escape in case it went south. But Weed went after the monster without a thought.

Even if the monster did hurt him, he was not far from Balkan. The effect of Death's aura(death's ohara in first chapter of vol 23) was stronger than ever and the health bar barely decimated.

Eventually, they could afford to take a break and the monsters stopped approaching as it hit dawn. Weed approached Ohtem and they began to talk.

"Hey, hey!"

"Yeah?" Weed replied with his new helmet still on that he received from the fight, masking his face. It was a bit rude to keep the helmet on without monsters. In fact, it was more difficult to see through it. Many people pointed at Weed because of the bizarre spectacle he was making.

"Most of the people chose to spam monsters.. Destroying the way you did was... somewhat... cool...the items?"


It was fairly awkward for Weed to receive praise like that.

'It wasn't good to put myself in front of everyone. Now they want my japtem...pieces of s ' ´

He had undoubtedly, collected the majority of the items without remorse.

The truth was that the majority of the monsters Weed fought were already somewhat wounded. The curses and magic shot at the monsters spawning helped a great deal. Finding decent japtem was tough with all the corpses in the canyon. Exactly who killed the monsters wasn't clear. Somehow, two people who could use mana well decided to help him

Bar street raced between the shield he summoned. Weed was on the verge of death as it attacked him. Of course he managed to evade the final hit. However, he was tenacious with each attack, lowering the health bar.

He fought under the canyon to avoid the eyes of any onlookers. However, one person had peered into the battle.

"I've been watching..."


"It seems like a fairly strong monster. I'm sure if we use the winds flowing through, it will be easier to defeat. Why don't we raise our glasses? "

Ohtem offered to fight with him. The only woman in the entire legion also offered to join.

"That's right! Come join us. You won't even see the damages that the monster inflicts on you. Help is always great, and we should stick together."

Necromancers liked to hire mercenaries because having people to defend them while they summoned was useful. Unfortunately, they couldn't hire well because everyone disliked necromancers. Getting someones to help was always good. Even Weed knew it was impossible to fight all the spawn alone.

The gorge had enough room to fit a seven horse-drawn carriage, regardless of that he had to fight for 24 hours a day.

"In order to defend this canyon, it would be easier if we helped each other. We won't know what will happen in the future, so why don't we battle together?" Jeanne would have never said it himself.


Now the monsters were split up and they were able to fight without much difficulty. It was also the best way to grind monsters.


Lynn happily wore items from the Hermes Guild, proud to be a part of it. He arrived in the village, Skapua.

"You have a lot of items from the guild, too!"

The Hermes guild's warehouse was stalked with rare treasures and cursef items. Lynn was confident that cursed items were helpful because the wearable stuff was super effective. Instead of spending 140 gold, they could find it at a great bargain because of the whole miasma of corruption spreading. Strength and vitality could be increased with the help of mana. Plus, they could make a necklace out of skeleton dentures! How cool was that? It could easily be a worn atricle. Hermes imported tons of undead articles.

While he lacked magic, he still was confident that he was two times stronger. He looked at the necromancer class item, a stick. It wasn't tough and it did not last long.

'Now I should get started.'

He knew joining the Hermes Guild was a smart choice. A lot of power came from being in a guild. Sticking with them increases your potential. He was confident that he could bull doze tons of ghosts. As long as he kept getting more items, he'd continue.


"The crest"

Geomchi-287's sword fell on the ground.

"I give up," he said, exasperated.

They fought him starting from Geomchi-500. With each defeat for the lower ranked students, the top students were getting closer to challenging him.

Fencing Master Ash's dividing sword play!

It skill could go from 1-40 swords, depending on the mana. It was difficult to distinguish whether they were actual hits or illusions. Either way, the whirlwind of mana from a swing hurt just as much. In order to have that skill, they had to prove their commitment to sword mastery.
Every time before each fight, he would say, "My technique, sword mastery is necessary in order to grasp Divinding Swordplay. The technique will teach you how to do so."

It was a great opportunity to learn it..

Ash fought to win each time, but the Geomchis persisted and held on for a while. It was a battle of strategy and improvisation. If they could get Dividing Swordplay, they would continue on. Ash held great respect for them.

"I'll teach you because you can use it well."

There was no denying that stronger skills made a person more powerful.

-Dividing Swordplay has been learned.

Even if their fight already happened, they still wanted to keep fighting. While they were fairly equal, every time Ash won, it hurt their ego.

Soon, Ash was directly hit. His armor absorbed a bunch of the impact, but they still managed to hurt him. However, they were not only proficient with their swords. When he found a window, he attacked him. They all grew up fighting each other on a daily basis. Most of their knowledge of fighting came from real life.

"When you underestimate us, we will defeat you!"

He stabbed his sword into Ash's chest and spun it. Even with his armor, this sort of hit would do tons of damage.

-Ash's sword's durrabilty has dropped 4%.

-Reduced the damage by 11%

-You have dealt a fatal blow!

-Ash received a bloody nose.

Dividing Swordplay hit level 5.

"A great test. I would like to remember your name. "


▷ Ding!

-You have overwhelmed Fencing Master Ash in a showdown!

▷ Because of the battle record, each stat rises by 6 points.
▷ Fame +5800.
▷ All skills increase.

-Because of your low level in comparisson with Ash's armor and stats, each stat rises by 3 points.
-You have acquired Dividing Sword play.

He managed to lay 6 final blows on Ash. He laid in his armor receiving them. His health depleted. Ash finally acknowledged the Geomchis.

"They're really strong."

"Vitality is not all that is important, brother."

"Skills are important too. Even if we are 200 levels apart, skills can overcome that."

If they pushed into the West, they would have even more difficult fights. Geomchi 487 spoke up.

"I don't think that is all." The swords and armor were all tattered from the battle. They forced themselves into a fist fight with Ash. They fought with their lives on the line. They faced high leveled monsters. With a guild or a party, they could have support. People could heal their injuries so they could continue. Because they faced him one on one, it was a victory they were satisfied with.

"What a great experience. I think we should get back to swimming."

They plunged into the water and went back to their continent. It was time to leave Ash. They caught fish and filled their bellies.


"I think I can do a good job with this new skill."

"The weak could never yield a sword."

"One day we'll come back and face Ash again."

"We'l be sure to defeat him with our swords."


They successfully defended the canyon with their group and completed the 11th quest. The contents of the quests changed little by little but it remained unchanging in that they had to defend the canyon.

"We aren't part of the central army in the undead legion."

Anyone could have guessed by the quest information or the current location. Occasionally, new troops would arrive. Originally, even Weed was a skeleton, but he grew at a fast rate unexpectedly. They didn't have high expectations for the troops here. However, any battle that he is in is always successful.

"People, please send the messenger!"

Weed had many subjects and they chose to obey him. With each successful quest they, too, could become a death knight.


Weed had a soft spot for his subjects. He had grown with them, destroyed with them, and almost died with them.

"Now, it is difficult to even eat alone in this world."

"This upcoming battle will be but an obstacle in our path to victory. Would you be willing to trade all the days.. from this day to that...for one chance--just one chance--to tell the enemies that they may take our lives, but they many never take our freedom? Do not back down from any battle!  Slaughter them all!"

"Yes, commander!"

"Follow the orders of the commander!"

"The Shadow Commander of the Legion's orders will be fulfilled!"

He brings them over to the battle as creatures are beat up.

"Attack, attack, attack!"

Unlike usual, he did not use the same tactics to lead his army. Because of that, the fight was fueled better. He encouraged them. Because of the large army he had and the amazing abundance of monsters, rich hunting opportunities opened up. Even if they died, they were close the Balkan and their reviving point was close as well. There was no need to worry if they died. It did get Weed closer to attacking. Something unexpected occurred.

-.As a death knight, you commanded the troops aggressively.

Leadership will increase..

▷ You own the items of the ruler of the continent and you are experiencing the effects.
▷ The Emperor's authority, moral, and loyalty is increased by 25%
▷The attacking skills of the undead increase by 17%
▷ Undead Legion attacks.

The seal of the ruler of the continent, according to the Jade Emperor, delivers an amazing addition to combat ability. As a sculptor, he was not able to use its full potential as a conductor. However, as a death knight, he was able to get a 100% increase in effect, especially since he was leading the undead.

"I would like to dedicate to allegiance, commander!" [Assuming load=commander.]

"On the command of the leader, power attack!"

Weed's followers had increased. Under the command of Weed, they wrecked terrible Havoc on the monsters and drove them into the ground. All of this was possible with Weed's active command. They only kept to undead attacks, as far as potential went, but it was still stunningly ruthless.

-Leadership has increased by 1.

Sometimes, without fighting his stats would increase, but Weed took these oppurtunities to fight with them. This caused the undead to be very focused. With the prescence of Weed in the army, the were way more powerful. Weed found it delightful when they carried out his commands almost immediately.

"Get behind me."

"Follow the orders of the commander!"

Weed ordered a retreat. As soon as they were out of sight he brandished his whip.

"Your money is mine!"

Weed always wanted the best for himself!

Unlike most professions, sculptor limited his combat ability but he had unusually high charisma and leadership. His fighting spirit was at a ridiculously high level. In addition, the seal of the ruler of the continent was implemented and he was ridiculously revered.. Weed had been modest up until now, and he was able to get tons of great japtem. If he auctioned out all the equipment, he could get tons of gold! For now, he had to wait.

"This wasn't worth much to the undead."

Lion Roar was useful to those lacking intelligence and instinct, thus they followed the commander faithfully. Each command was performed strictly to his words. Just by destroying monsters made them loyal to him.Since they were located at the bottom of the canyon, All the powerful moves were seen by other necromancers.

Every other time he came to the canyon, there was not as much success. Monsters penetrated their defense and the amount of fame that could be gained was lessened. Everyone waited desperately for a chance to succeed and they couldn't believe it was happening with the addition of Weed. They did not expect to be so outmatched in comparison with Weed.

Once they summoned undead and built defenses out of bone, they created plants that could restore their mana. While kicking back, they could watch Weed intently.

Weed responded quickly to each attack. He had the look of a destroyer.Was he one of the undead knight of legend? He had attack power and a powerful defense. He received loyalty and honor. That was because of his current profession. Even if the troop's intelligence was low, the level of leadership ability he had was amazing.


"Kyaah~ so great!"

"How can he be that good? Is he the original death knight?"

"He can control them even if they are just npcs. Only a real captain can do this without difficulty and fear. I can't believe such a person is making a that much of a colossal feat."

Listening to their words was pretty good. It required a certain leadership and charisma to lead an army. Figuring out the formations and complex instructions was much easier than coming up with it. However, they saw Weed in combat.The combinations of a death knight, archers, and mages was amazing. Sometimes, they'd burn the monsters alive simultaneously. The attacks destroyed the enemies concentration. They also attacked faster than before.

This battle was the most proficient one they had seen.

"Winning is the best."

"Do you think they'll be able to finish the quest?"

The other necromancers were half envious and half curious. No one knew where the Immortal Legion would lead to at the end of it. Continuing to complete quests allowed them to be higher grade undead.

Being a necromancer was tough. Their guild collapsed and all the history of it, too. There was not a lot of magic written down, even though being a necromancer entailed major magic opportunities. However, being in the Legion under Balkan allowed them to learn new magic skills from the creator himself.

With each achievement in the Legion, they often received a gift of magic from Balkan. [1] It was a competition to be amazing, but Weed had completely blown away the competitors.

"There is a lot of hate growing..."

Synchro was in the bottom of the canyon and watched as Weed unfurled a spell.

"Corpse explosion!" It activates close to the body and deals a lot of damage. It was supposed to only penetrate the body, but Weed was powerful enough that it killed them.

"Take that!"

The biggest damage came from magic. Weed was extremely gallliant while hunting. He was aware of the trends as well. He summoned corpses to keep the fight going. Bodies were piled up everywhere and magic was cast as soon as a monster came through.

Eye brush head Bob where a day or two, nor ever had one, it was obvious to the Weed.
Where nunchitbapeul nor eaten a day or two, Weed who was granted.


Finally, after defending the canyon, the quest had changed.

* Death knight's troop promotions.

There must be 30 skeleton archers, 5 death knights, 15 SS death knights.

If you have reached the requirements, the Immortal Legion will gain confidence.

Reward: loyalty of the Undead.

In the next stage of the immortal Legion, you can choose what to do.

Quest Restrictions: Death Knight

"These guys don't know squat about the military!!"

Since the quest did not have a time limit, he did not care much for his troops.

"Fight, thrust, thrust!" the death knight ordered around, watching as his troops attacked ruthlessly. The troops were worth every penny, even if they died early.

Anyways, I'll just revive them later.

There wasn't really a limit to summoning the undead. Once they died, they were dead again, so they could be summoned. Really, it didn't matter much if they died. There wasn't really much shame in letting them die. Whether he was careful with them or not, wouldn't he win anyways?

"I would like to follow the Commander's orders!"

"I came here for the fame of this legion."

"Death Knight Tedeura, I want to fight together."

-Skeleton Archer was promoted to elite.

New skills added: "Piercing arrow," "Poison Arrow," and "Heightened Arrow." Agility has increased by 15%.

Every battle, more and more people gained elite status as the quest reached completion.

"Now I understand the commander's orders."
"I blacked out during the fight and went on a rampage with the spirit of the commander."

-2% increase to knowledge and Wisdom.(Weed)

-Dyurahanui horizon expanded.

The ability to gain power. With each battle he won, more and more undead joined him. He had accumulated 142 skeleton archers, 57 elite skeleton archers, 9 death knights and 11 SS death knights. 23 people total out of the entire region were extremely high ranked and fighting with him. Balkan also added addition power with his blessing affecting all the undead. It was a considerable amount of power too. As time increased, the power of the undead did as well. The monsters were also pretty powerful, but their corps were extremely fast at hunting. All the necromancers from the Versailles continent were here.

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments :)

[1] Legend richiin I wanted to see him was for the user.

Please let me know if i got anything wrong, if it just makes you confused, or if you want to tell me how the weather is.
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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor [Vol 23-4]

I altered names for Jyaneun to Jeanne. And part of a battle scene :) continue on.

=Hold The Fort!=

"Wow! Why don't you come try this?" Lee Hyun was at the train station waiting for Seoyoon.

By becoming a Death Knight just as college was out, he would be able to hunt a lot. He could wear plate armor and his dark magic even increased the power of his sword. The powerful attacks with the help of high level equipment was amazing! Many users chose their job because of how balanced it was and its many advantages. Horse riding skills and speed were very popular. Some might do it for attention, but to be helpful in a fight is worth the amount of effort required to attain them. The only downside was that it reduced the other stats. A death knight was much faster than any other profession.

"If I leave now, I can use this opportunity to raise my level..."

Lee Hyun swore to keep the idea in his head in case the vacation didn't work out.

She arrived with three bags!

He knew at that moment that he would trust Seoyoon as an overseas travel partner forever. She brought with her, promise--being 10 minutes early from time they planned to originally meet, 8 am.

Even though she wore simple jeans and a white Tee-shirt, a goddess was born. The people at the station could not keep their eyes off of her. They angled their face lower, but they were too busy looking at her face to look at her outfit.

It was not a lie to say that the eyes were the windows to the heart, afterall. Her eyes were deep, pure, and crystal clear. No jewelry in the world could compare to her eyes. Weed tried to look over her face for a fault, but could not find any. With her, all of her face was in place. Her beauty was on a whole other scale.

"Have you been waiting long?"

"No, I just arrived. I bought a ticket to get here." They would travel by train through the big city until they arrived at South Beach where they would need to rent a car. Seoyoon could get the car, but the issue was the driver's license.

"When did you get your driver's license?"

"I passed the test yesterday."




Lee Hyun fell asleep by the window. The journey released the tension in his mind that was always there.


Lee Hyun do something! A little voice spoke in his head. Seoyun was near his ear.

"...zzzzz ......"

Lee Hyun drooled!

Seoyoon also felt sleepy because she spent plenty of time preparing the trip for the two and did not get enough sleep. She fell asleep on Hyun's shoulder. Each time new people boarded the train, they saw the two.

'She's wasted on that dude'

'Why is he a normal guy ...?'

'This Filthy World ... An unfair world!

The train arrived at the destination and they appeared with suitcases. The place to rent a car was near the train station. They made reservations to rent a small car and Seoyoon sat in the front--in the passenger seat was Lee Hyun.

"I'll get moving then..."


"Start the car first." She turned the key and the car motor roared to life!

"Now I'll go." Lee Hyun was very nervous, but the hands on Seoyoon were strong. He hoped it would go smoothly when she went driving. Suddenly, the wipers were on!

"Which way do we go?"

"Other way."

Lee Hyun regretted not acquiring a driver's license. As they traveled on the highway outside of the city, he started think about the South Sea.

The sea was great with the warm southern climate, but hidden within the heavenly view were the maniacal tourist traps, scratching away at life savings accounts. There were large mountains along the coast, resulting in winding roads next to the sea. The flowers were in bloom!

Seoyoon did not arrive at the beach yet, but Hyun took out the camera.

"We're taking pictures?"

"Of course you gotta take it"

The essential item of travel is the picture!

"I'll take it!"

Lee Hyun leaned back while Seoyoon took pictures of the sea.

Stuck awkwardly in the background were tourists.

"This time I'll take a picture"

Lee Hyun received the camera to take pictures of Seoyoon and pressed the shutter. He took pictures randomly. She did not stand still while Lee Hyun snapped shots, so they were taken with a completely different feeling. There were sparkling grains of sand and a fresh wind blowing in the background. She did not laugh, but there was a different pose each time. Even if it was the winter, Seoyoon would be beautiful.

There were thousands of tourists on the beach! While Lee Hyun was at the beach, he asked tourists for help.

"May you take a photo of us?" Engineering graduates of the Men's University(Sorta like this..) were on a voyage.

"It's not a trouble at all."

They all took photos together!


'You don't follow the laws of physics with couples...'

Lee Hyun focused on excluding Seoyoon because of his knowledge!

They drove many places to hang out and go sight seeing. Many pictures were taken. The day went by so fast! Even though he experienced this a lot in Royal Road, he hadn't gone out in a while without needing to hunt. After dark, because the weather was pretty cold, they had to find accommodations.

"I have to find a place.... This maybe?"

They had a family tent that he put up, which saved a lot of time. It was peaceful and it had a little room. He had used part of his savings to get it, but it was worth it.

"We're a little late. Let's hurry "

Hyun Lee took a big bag of camping gear. He pulled out a pot and a burner for cooking. He didn't have to worry about water because the camp supplied it. They only had rice, so it was not much of a meal. However, Hyun Lee and Seoyoon went to the beach with a fishing rod.

"I'll get the fish." [2]

Lee Hyun held a big stone on the small barrel. There were earthworms wriggling vigorously inside. He had snagged them from his yard in the morning. He stitched them on to the hook each time he threw it.

63 cm flounder!

"I'm getting more.."

49 cm rockfish!

"This will make some good soup..." There were 11 different types of rockfish, a specialty in the area.

'They sleep there? How simple.'

This made his fishbowl very cramped.

(the cut out seen was a fisherman thinking about how his job was so difficult, thinking about how he told his wife and daughter about the importance of fishing, but Lee Hyun schooled him, so you can imagine how he felt)

Lee Hyun came onto the dock nonchalantly.

"I have to leave soon ...Catching a fish would be nice. Where is this guy getting the fish?"

'Where can they be caught so easily?

"I've been fundamentally disgraced."

The secret to fishing can be found in the core of the position, the rod slightly bent and the slight movement of twitching worms to capture the fish. Lee Hyun flung his rod into the water suddenly. He snatched the sea eel, but unexpectedly grabbed a sea bream as well.

"Eating cooked food is worth it, I guess." They were prepared to go, and were walking from the village to the campsite.

"What have I got?"

[Cut for the sake of cuts]


Lee Hyun made the charcoal grill with his hands—already very familiar with the whole process. He stabilized the fire enough to cook the miso soup, but kept just enough for the baked meat, pork & meat, and the large variety of fish he caught.

"You want a rockfish and the sides?" Getting the shellfish, crabs, sausages, and wine was cheap. He turned the fish while he grilled, just over the soup he brewed. They could hear the waves, but the weather was so clear that they could glimpse at the stars. Going to a hotel was nothing compared to the wonderful night they were having.


With the outside salty air, it tasted even better. Seoyoon beamed when she saw the fish's face.

Seoyoon's hungry eyes reflected on the fish's face while it burned. Lee Hyun did the dishes after the big meal.

"You want some coffee?"


Sitting on the beach drinking a cup of coffee was a moment that could not be sold for anything. The crickets could be heard in the background. The fire eventually wore out, so the darkness slowly clouded over them.

"Time for bed!"

Even though the tent was for 4 people, Lee Hyun felt that there wasn't much space. They lied down in sleeping bags, each breath clear and audible.

Seoyoon's heart beat rapidly with tension. She had never slept in the same room as him before. A tent still counted. She was worried Lee Hyun could hear her heart beating, but his snore was heard soon after..


Lee Hyun woke at dawn to the birds chirping outside of the tent. They were strangers in the birds home who found a place to sleep. Where Lee Hyun lived, this did not happen that often. Seoyoon's face was aimed at Lee Hyun, although her eyes were closed and she was still asleep. He quietly got out of the tent so as to not wake her.

Although it was still quite early in the morning, the sun barely peaked out of the sky and campers could be seen preparing breakfast.

"Shall we eat Seafood and crab soup?"

Lee Hyun organized all of the their things together after washing all the materials for the dish while he waited for her to wake up. The fatigue of travel did not go away on her face, despite it already being the morning. He spent 2 hours while she slept, trying to look at her face. He recalled all the emotions when they first met, every time he saw her in Royal Road, and when she said thanks for going with her on the trip.

"I'm going to go take a walk around the area."

"The weather's so good," Lee Hyun thought as he walked on the sand. A slight breeze was in the air, making for a refreshing morning. Baby birds were crying for food. Kids could be seen playing in the ocean as the waves hit the beach and making castles.

Should I play too?

He had went to the beach every once and a while, but he usually just came to see the waves. He slowly watched the waves as he built up his castle, timing the waves and finding the perfect location. He accumulated a moderate amount of dirt within 10 seconds. To build a sand castle that resembled a building, he would need at least 1.5 meters of dirt for the height. Eventually, the walls and towers were built and many people had gathered to see his product. In Royal Road, he had mastered the skills to create a unique sculpture. About 1 hour later, the sand castle was finished. He heard many compliments nearby, but the castle did not impress Lee Hyun.

It can not be traded in real estate …This won't make money or rice.

Materialistic thinking!

It would be swept in the deep waters and slowly crumble away. The wind could blow apart parts of the castle that could destroy the entire masterpiece. Slowly, one by one, they left. He looked sadly at the beach.

"Now, I must return because this is a trip, but ... Someday, we will not have to leave."

For the few that have little time to live, they will only be left with memories. Lee Hyun would return soon and stay here.

Let's go see Seoyoon!


As he arrived at the tent, Seoyoon was cooking breakfast with the ingredients that Lee Hyun organized earlier. They would eat a hearty breakfast and then drive back to the train so they could go home.

Lee Hyun grabbed the luggage that he had put together earlier that morning.

"You barely had any rest, I'll get it," Lee Hyun said.

"I'll help."

"You're supposed to be driving the whole way--relax a little more."

Once again, they would be back in the city. There were not many opportunities to go into the sea. She went to the sea while Lee Hyun moved the luggage.

She did it because he suggested that she do it, to take a walk and find a souvenir for the trip.

If we're going to go back soon...

She hiked through the sand and slowed down when she saw an unusually large sand castle. She did not know who made it, but it turned out to be very solid and strong. She walked to the castle.


The immortal legion had 4 goals to advance the undead army to Morata

People arrived at Morata from other places just 2 weeks after the undead army came. The amount of undead walking uncomfortably was a considerable number. If a person were to go in a wrong direction, they could arrive in the middle of the woods and unable to get out of the undead's grasp. The army distributed a lot of damage because they could move much better than before. Also, a lot of the monsters in the north were disappearing because the army had taken care of them. The goblins and trolls, ogre-ish monsters, protected their territory a lot.

"The Immortal Legion is coming!"

Users would abandon hunting when this happened so they could check out the undead. For most beginners and traders, this was indeed a large event.

The Knights of Templar were dispatched to go fight the Freya Church and other denominations.

"The Knights of Templar are going to go hunting."

"Lugh's church, a denomination[See Mythu's comment, thank you Mythu!] of Freya's, is giving a quest to hunt the undead!"

Mora were hunting in another party and thus the priests were involved in the task of combating the undead Knights of Templar.

They were looking for people that could destroy the undead. The weak couldn't be involved because the skeletons were level 30 and up. It was a great show for beginners, but they had to suppress the urge to participate in the hunting because of the large amount of EXP.

There were 450 people in the Knights of Templar. Many Mora could not compare with the other knights because they had incredibly powerful sacred articles.

When disputes or monsters created a crisis, they had to face the Knights of Templar. Freya's priests and the 840 men of the corps joined the war to fight with them.

The power was intense, but with the regular users, the combined amount of people was about 3,000. Because other Mora were priests, they could raise religious power with the quest. They had the time now to do so, so they rushed into battle waving their staffs.

"Yeah, buddy!"

"These c*** monkeys are great targets."

While watching the undead, the priests were rejoicing. The people who could ride horses, like knights, went first, so they could eliminate the clusters of enemy forces.

Morata was popular with priests because of the sanctuary and the statue of Freya. Naturally, for the quest, a lot of the priests would be chosen. Weirdly enough, the priests were steadily racing towards battle. Paladins went too, along with mercenaries, warriors, wizards, spirits, and shamans. mercenaries and warriors, wizards. The Immortal Legion gathered to repel the attack.

People rode horses to get to Morata, despite the high level needed to get there. For a lot of people, they moved to Morata to start a new life. Such benefits of Morata included the amount of people in the city. Early users in Morata were used to calm and quiet in the nights, but now, traders camped on the square. People sold buckskin 2-3 hours each day, waiting for beginners, because the beginners did not know how easy it was to get pelts around the area.

50,000 other users arrived quickly! Only 2 immortal armies were left, totaling 60,000 enemy troops. However, the enemy camped in the hills while they refueled themselves. Groups received blessings from the priests, but they waited patiently for morals to peak. The people who received the quest roared!

"Our new home is right there in our grasp!"

"Let's capture it!"


Both parties ran after each other. More undead were arriving and their army was overflowing. Morata was about to be burnt and a larger war would be initiated.


Polron had received information through the Hermes guild.

-Necromancers have been summoned by the unknown forces and became part of the immortal legion. Some of our guild members also belong to the immortal legion.

Hermes was a strong guild with several occupations, but unfortunately necromancer was created recently.


Jaburin: There have been reports from necromancer all over the Versailles continent.

They used their guild communication channel to speak to each other. In their guild, they had knights and magicians, as well as Polron's army, and some ranger units. They all communicated with various guild leaders.

Jaburin: Jeanne & Bohram are there; Balkan has gathered many famous necromancer users.

Polron: So, what is going on now?

Jaburin: I do not know exactly. Is associated with the battle with the immortal legion. I'm proud to report. Hermes is participating and they give active support. They'll provide hunting equipment for the quests. I receive good armor, and the hunting party participating will keep being built up with people. As long as they aren't necromancers, even if people aren't level 300, they can still be helpful. That was why I joined the Hermes guild, because with the great support it was easy to grow.

Jaburin: If you need information, I'll keep you updated. I'll be able to learn anything from all the necromancers.

Polron: Now the magic can be worn using the equipment?

Jaburin: Absolutely. You can wear it. With a curse, it is better. Skeletons are limited to a small amount of equipment and clothing, especially when they turn into ghosts. Most of the equipment gives curses. But, to increase vitality, mana will go down, and two items will be destroyed. It can be very helpful.

Polron: I need info and I'll give whatever to support it. You have to tell us everything you hear right away and give us important information. We especially need information about Weed.

Jaburin: Please believe me. I will do my best, as a Hermes member, tell them that they will not be disappointed.



Weed came back from a quest with the Immortal Legion that had to do with burning a canyon. As a death knight, he made upgrades from the japtem on the battlefield.

▷ ttiring!


* "Kilrijareuui"(<--LOL!) territorial

In the immortal legions

▷ It is about the ability to have faith.

▷ So far, all the missions were successful, In Kilrijareu canyon, the enemy will need to be defeated.

Difficulty: B

Quest Restrictions: Undead only


The quest difficulty level rose significantly. Weed was glad to see that Ohtem, Bohram, Herian, synchronized trees, and Jeanne had rose 33 levels. They have since raised their level since they changed to necromancer. Jeanne, who had a more elevated level, had started to hang back. It was estimated that his level was 408. Each person had different stats and skill proficiency. It was difficult to estimate their level accurately because they could only rely on equipment. There were also plenty of skills they could hide.

(Apparently, he thought that he couldn't be under 390 and he saw Jeanne use a lot of mana to summon the undead. He had to be more than 408)

It certainly is arguable that necromancer is the best job.

He also admitted that Ohtem and Jeanne were legends. They had great skills for dealing with undead, acquired skills, and could cast magic in battle. Weed was directly on the fight, summoning undead with them to take the canyon.

The wizards harmed monsters at every location!

Other users of the wizard and the witch had a job. If they wanted undead bodies to play with, they had to enchant them. They cast spells to weaken, slow down, and cause chaos. To remember the explosion of bones was difficult for them because they were too busy defending the other people in the army.

Other wizards and priests were protected by the party and used a lot of magic. They knew what to use by observing the battlefield. Weed wanted to raise his stats and win. The variety of skills really helped. Each person had their own level of observation and improvisation. Thus, the ability to understand a situation differs, especially when adding their own level of combat, which added a lot to their ability.

'Not too bad'

Weed, the Death Knight, was very pleased with his results.

It's great to have allies.

If they fight, they could get more experience and loot. There were enough enemies to get thousands more EXP. They could easily drive them away, too.

Monsters keep coming.

The place they were battling was a paradise for wild monsters. It was similar to humans, because they were based in suburbs, while monsters preferred the north. Often, humans didn't go here. Thus, the area was great for monster breeding, and they gathered in groups so they could have some amount of intelligence. The Immortal Legion was very powerful, but so were the monsters.

Since the fall of the empire, there were plenty of decades old weapons and armor that they wore. Their continued attack was a severe threat. They had unlimited speed and the enemy was quickly annihilated. The entire layout of the battlefield was so damn confusing. The monsters and the undead were extremely violent. Weed also joined in on the battle and went up two levels, to level 394.


A group of monsters was defeated in a matter of 10 minutes. However, a new set was coming. Dust rose afar, and Weed felt the warmth from the new enemy.

"The enemy is going to arrive soon. Use the Undead Enchantment "

Users quickly recovered their mana through meditation and hastily prepared for battle. Everyone recognized Jeanne as the person who would control the battle. When fighting in the legion, it was clear who lead and who didn't.

"Fight. Don't be pushed off!"

"Kill it all!"

Ohtem, bohram, Herian, and Synchronized Trees used the summoning of the undead as a weapon and a shield. Tons of other users, including Jeanne, unfolded magic.

"The Strike!"

"Ice Field!"

"Poison Cloud!"

"Unholy Weapon!"

All kinds of high-level Necromancer curses and magic crashed into the rushing monsters. Skeleton mages and archers shot their arrows. It was back to usual late night battles with monsters. The undead fought hard with the monsters, and the monsters fought valiantly. They had used axes to break through the undead.

"Rise, my brethren!"(ad lib) roared Weed on a horse.


- You have summoned ghosts.

Fighting, charisma, and agility will increase by 10%.


The ghosts rose from the ground and added stats to Weed.



Weed went backwards down the cliff, the ghosts following him. His original jobs did not have good skills; Skeleton Knights weren't nearly as powerful as he was now. Even on horseback, he could run upside down on the cliff!

"You are all my precious japtem and EXP!" Arrows and magic rushed forward without hesitation.


--empty spots--

[1]-While riding the train between the house and I drank in ssaon seaweed..

[2] My wife took their daughter and uncle were involved in fishing.

"It's too bad the fish japhine"

The fish looks great I wanted to show my family, more than a natural fisherman was not easy.


Necromancer of the guild is not the way a high level of hunting down the speed of the skeleton class, staying at the senior level, he said.

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